Who’s a bigger creep, Lee Chatfield of Kwame Kilpatrick? ML and Marc chop it up with David Zeman, who edited the Chatfield stories for Bridge Michigan and the Kilpatrick stories for the Detroit Free Press. Shawn sits it out with COVID or the flu, while Joe is happier than ever to be sequestered in the fortress of Zuvitude.

  • THE STRAIGHT DOPE: Listeners wrote in expressing fascination with revelations that former Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield either sexually abused or just had an affair with his sister-in-law. After a listener asked ML how it stacked up to the Kilpatrick scandal, he invited David Zeman of Bridge Michigan on the show to discuss.
  • David discusses how Bridge Michigan learned about Chatfield’s illicit relationship with his sister-in-law and now his reporters handled the information. Read their exclusive revelations here.
  • David was ML’s editor when he and Jim Schaefer broke the Kilpatrick text messages story. ML asks David to compare how he reacted to getting a call from Chatfield’s sister-in-law with how he reacted to learning ML and Jim had Kilpatrick text messages.
  • ML breaks down some key differences between the Chatfield and Kilpatrick scandals. He somehow forgets to mention that Kilpatrick used $8 million of taxpayer money to cover up his affair.
  • Marc marvels at how someone with Chatfield’s strict religious background could fail so badly to practice what he preached.
  • Marc and ML discuss the return of COVID to the show.
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  • GEEK OF THE WEEK: Marc gets back in the game with a geek before ML breaks news about someone who broke wind to merit mention this week.
  • ROOM 7609: If you don’t count self-loathing and a decidedly downbeat personality, Shawn and Morrissey finally have something in common, as The Smiths check in to the New Wave suite.
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