A junkie hooker and a professor meet in the Cass Corridor, what could go wrong? Best-selling author Lowell Cauffiel joins ML, Marc and Shawn to explain, while WSU grad Joe is glad Cass Corridor has come a long way since the 1980s.

STRAIGHT DOPE: Shawn starts the show with a non sequitur. We’d tell you what it was, but there were so many we forget, so you’ll just have to listen.

Lowell Cauffiel was a reporter at the Detroit News when he heard the story about a Wayne State University professor who disappeared. His best-selling true crime book “Masquerade” tells the tale of obsession, deception and murder.

The murder of a WWJ anchor had ML thinking about “Masquerade,” so Lowell discusses the parallels he sees between the two cases.

You’d think a true crime author would be making a fortune, but Lowell says it’s a tough hustle. He talks about some of his other books, and how one case left him in clinical depression.

Lowell moved to LA to turn “Masquerade” into a screenplay. Along the way, he ended up with a true Hollywood family. Listen and learn who his famous kids are.

GEEK OF THE WEEK: ML tells Shawn and Marc about a 39-year-old man child with a taste for mom’s money and business class plane tickets, but when he asks for their help determining which member of this family is a geek, he gets into a show family feud.

ROOM 7609: Listener Tim books The Lords of the New Church into the New Wave suite to perform CCR’s “Hey, Tonight,” as cover month continues.

FEEDBACK: Mel Tucker and an alleged cover-up in Flint that conjures memories of Kwame Kilpatrick’s fall dominate this week’s mail.

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