Shawn swoops in and steals the show with his story about fridge scrubbing, prompting ML and Marc to accuse him of being an energy vampire, while Joe struggles to maintain consciousness.

STRAIGHT DOPE: ML discovered an old photo of Shawn from the days when he was an energetic, optimistic and carefree fellow. Shawn explains what happened to rob him of his joie-de-vivre.

Instead of discussing his trip to Madison Square Garden and some of the most exciting basketball he’s ever seen, Shawn takes over the show by recounting how he helped scrub a friend’s refrigerator.

The party of family values recently invited Kwame Kilpatrick to speak at a conservative policy conference. That’s just one of several recent political missteps ML wrote about in his latest column. Read it here.

Marc quizzes ML and Shawn on whether numbers drive the news, spurring a discussion on the revelations about what people at Fox News were REALLY thinking about Donald Trump and how decisions may be made at MSNBC.

Jason, watching on Facebook, offers to help with ML’s volleyball team – the Ace Holes – on their quest for glory.

GEEK OF THE WEEK: Lindsay Lohan, Jake Paul and Kendra Lust were on track to be this week’s Geeks … until ML realized the REAL winner/loser is anyone who took their advice on cryptocurrency. 

ROOM 7609: We kick off a new theme by asking listeners to submit pop songs that sample or are derivative of New Wave classics. Our first example is “Feel this Moment” by PitBull and Christina Aquilera. Can you identify the hook? 

FEEDBACK: No feedback. Does this mean no one cares what we think anymore?

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