An 8-time felon takes over a Detroit school, so Marc and ML dive into how the deal went down, while Shawn quizzes ML about his latest scoop and Joe just wants the straight poop.

STRAIGHT DOPE: The show seemed to get a late start, but it was really just the crew observing a 30-minute moment of silence for “The Price is Right” host Bob Barker. Then ML busts out a fun fact about the New York Times reporter who wrote Barker’s obituary. (Spoiler alert: He died before Bob!)

The man Drew Lane calls “America’s Guest” is BACK! Brian Banks, who ML has been busting since 2012, is now principal of a troubled Detroit charter school.

ML and Marc talk about Banks’ track record, and how the 8-time felon talked himself into another sweet gig – paid for with YOUR tax dollars! 

Banks says he has reformed, but the public record says otherwise. So Marc wonders how so many people responsible for protecting our children missed it?

ML says it’s politics – and lists some of Banks’ biggest supporters, including Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and Wayne County Executive Warren Evans.ML and Dana Afana break major news in the Free Press, revealing that City Council President Mary Sheffield is running for mayor.

Check out their story and find out what Hizzoner has to say about it.

The British (and folks from the United Kingdom) are known for their plaids. But have you ever seen an Englishman in a flannel shirt? ML, Marc and Shawn ponder this and more weighty topics.

GEEK OF THE WEEK: Public officials who refuse to answer questions are losers, but this week they’re winners – of GOW honors!

ROOM 7609: BritPop summer celebration continues with Pulp and “This is Hardcore,” a dramatic, cinematic and engaging single which spawned one of the greatest videos of all time … and Shawn doesn’t like it anyway.

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