M.L. Elrick (@elrick), Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) and Shawn Windsor (@ShawnWindsor) are joined by Detroit Free Press beer writer, none other than Spirits of Detroit columnist Bob Allen (@RAllenMI) – hey, wait, I just got the joke! – who brought some brew, causing ML SOD quality control to go straight to hell!!!

THE STRAIGHT DOPE: While the beers flow, Shawn wonders whether the Rocket Mortgage golf event in Detroit will boost the city’s spirit and image. ML wonders whether the fancy boys in the funny clothes will wander over to nearby Chaldean Town for some wings.

Before the boys drink all Bob’s beer, they ask him: What have you seen in your time in our Fair City? Listen for his answer, and read what he wrote.

From one beer lover to another, Bob and ML debate the provenance of ML’s beloved Stroh’s. When ML refers to it as “Detroit River Water,” Bob replies: “I believe that’s made in Toledo now.”

Marc asks Bob whether he feels there’s too many beers and micro brews. You’ll have to listen in for Bob’s answer.

ML sips some imperial stout while Marc asks Bob “What’s one of the most unusual things you’ve seen someone put in beer?” Bob offers several examples, including a beer brewed with a frigging pig’s head in it!

While the rest of the world adheres to some pretty strict brewing rules, Bob says the U.S. is the leader in imagination and innovation.

ML asks Bob for what he considers his “very Detroit beer experience,” only to find out that Bob says he and ML had it last Friday when they went out to celebrate Bob’s last week at the Free Press. Download to find out where they went.

ML is railing against beer snobs, when Bob stops him in his tracks by pointing out that “a lot of these brewers that I’ve gotten to meet in the last several years of doing this are just regular sort of people who started doing this in their garage.’

Bob reveals the downside of being a beer critic.

Bob reveals his favorite beer, where to get a cool flight of beers and a one-stop shop for most of Michigan’s best microbrews.

Before he leaves the Red Shovel Network HQ – and Michigan for Colorado – Bob opines on the future of craft beer.

THE GREAT DEBATE: The Brewsome Foursome hop on the topic  of Mega-brewers vs. the little guy. 

GEEK OF THE WEEK: First there was “record store guy.” Soon after, he was joined by “comic book store guy.” Both have been supplanted by a new type of know-it-all snob – who we’ve named  Geek of the Week.

ROOM 7609: One week after Marc wondered whether there were any good American NuWave bands, ML presents Rhythm Corps – who are from Detroit. Whether you know it or not, you’ve almost certainly heard their hit “Common Ground.” So ML picks a lesser known – and better – Rhythm Corps tune. 

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