Mayor Mike Duggan’s least favorite amateur filmmaker is fighting for his freedom — again. Bob Carmack joins ML and Marc to discuss his legal strategy, while Shawn is on parole and Joe gets out early for good behavior.

STRAIGHT DOPE: You may recall Bob Carmack for the show he put on outside Detroit City Hall several years ago when he rented a mobile billboard to show movies of Hizzoner going to visit a lady friend.
The move was part of Carmack’s attempt to get back at the man he blames for his legal problems. One of those cases involves criminal charges which last year were dismissed. Well, they’ve been reinstated, so we asked Bob to explain his legal strategy.
Over the last five years, Bob has hired (and fired) more lawyers than Donald Trump. ML and Marc ask Bob who will represent him with his freedom on the line. Listen and learn if they get a straight answer.
One of Bob’s hobbies is showing up at events where Duggan will be. So we asked him what Hizzoner says when they meet. According to Bob, it isn’t very warm and fuzzy.
Bob blames Duggan for a lot of his problems. He says Hizzoner even kept him from meeting the Vice President. Hear Bob’s story about hidin’ from Biden.

Shawn zooms in for a heartfelt reunion on update on his travel plans, which include an upcoming trip to a place he dreads: Las Vegas.

GEEK OF THE WEEK: Australians rushing to buy Nazi military memorabilia are this week’s geeks. 

ROOM 7609: The Detroit Pistons drafted one of the Thompson Twins, inspiring ML to book the other Thompson Twins to perform “In the Name of Love” in the New Wave suite.

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