Detroit police body camera video captures a lawyer driving an SUV full of drugs and guns who later took a job with the city. ML tells Marc and Shawn how he found out about the bust, and what city officials did after he told them about it. Meanwhile, Joe pleads the Fifth.

STRAIGHT DOPE: “Ban the Box” is a controversial policy designed to give people with blemishes on their record a fair shake at getting back into the workforce. It also leaves employers vulnerable to hiring employees with problematic backgrounds.
ML and Marc debate the merits of the policy, while a viewer suggests Shawn should have undergone a background check.
The Ban the Box discussion follows ML’s latest “On Guard” investigation for the Free Press in which he exposed a city lawyer who had been charged with drug trafficking and felony firearms nine months before the city hired her.
Read the story and watch video clips from the traffic stop here. It’s a subscriber-only story, so use this link to get a discount AND a $5 Amazon gift card.
ML and Marc narrative four clips from the traffic stop in which police body camera video shows how the traffic stop went down. You can watch the clips on our YouTube channel.
Shawn is back from Vegas and, unlike everyone else, tells us what happened in Vegas.
Is Tom Cruise the greatest actor alive? A vigorous debate ensues.

GEEK OF THE WEEK: Former Michigan Wolverine basketball star Hunter Dickinson is literally the biggest geek we’ve ever had, and his big mouth earns him the only repeat championship of his career.

ROOM 7609: Shawn likes The Cars. And last week’s guest Derek St. Holmes played with Benjamin Orr. So we booked the Cars into the New Wave suite where Orr performs “Don’t Tell Me No.”
Tune in and find out what Shawn tells us when we ask if he liked it.

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