M.L. Elrick (@elrick), Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) welcome Shawn Windsor (@ShawnWindsor) to Red Shovel HQ before he dashes off to Chicago for Big 10 football media days.

THE STRAIGHT DOPE: ML wonders how much thought a defendant puts into his lunch choice before returning to court to await a jury verdict — and possible trip directly to the other Big House.

Shawn reflects on the solemnity of the moment where a defendant learns his fate and ML recalls a particularly high-profile case in which the high-ranking public official he had just predicted would be set free was instead rung up — and how that same official almost rung him up years later.

The boys transition from the sublime to the ridiculous, starting with a cryptic marquee message ML saw, which conjures up the hilarious message Shawn saw on a police precinct marquee on his first trip on these mean streets.

Somehow all this cogitating brings us to ML’s first live shot for Local 4 way back in 2006, wherein a horrific story about the evil that men do also conveyed the importance of a street moniker. 

Marc and Shawn muse on how the shape of the Earth and skepticism about the Moon landing seem to be gaining, while ML observes that many of the mean posts on his social media are all the evidence he needs to know that the Flat Earth Society is alive and well.

A quick recap of the East English Village neighborhood soccer team’s drubbing at the hands of Ducktown leads to a look at DCFC’s upcoming playoff weekend. Good tickets are still available! www.detroitcityfc.com

The other ML — Monica Lewinsky — makes headlines with some hilarious tweets. ML confesses to an attraction to the other ML, garnering a “she’s all yours” from Marc.

THE GREAT DEBATE: Is there anything wrong with an heiress with a famous name attacking the company that made her rich and shares her same name for paying its CEO exponentially more than its workers? ML and Shawn smell a rat, while Marc says she may be turning a molehill into a Magic Mountain.

GEEK OF THE WEEK: Guests at ML’s annual backyard beer party went through more than 573 bottles and cans. Which is as it should be. But some guests’ attempts to drain a couple bottles in particular still has the host fuming. Listen and find out why!

ROOM 7609: In a tribute to Drew Wave, who loves NuWave almost as much as he loves the Beatles, ML and Marc cue up Siouxsie and the Banshees for their cover of “Dear Prudence.”

The boys wrap with some listener e-mails and, yes, even a voicemail after a thoughtful listener diagnoses the likely reason for the dearth of messages on the BUtterfield 8 line.

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