M.L. Elrick (@elrick) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) try to fill the void left in Red Shovel Networks Studio A by Shawn Windsor (@ShawnWindsor), who joins them via telemaphone for the Great Debate.

THE STRAIGHT DOPE: Marc asks ML what his over/under is for the Detroit Lions. ML responds: “I’d be lyin’ if I said I cared.” He did, however, place wagers on the o/u for the Spartans and the semi-annual Paul Bunyan reclamation game.

ML discusses some of the issues he struggled with before deciding to dive into the background of Lawrence James Davis, 24, who was charged with beating Tyler Wingate, 24, to death last month at a gas station in Detroit. See the story here.

ML and Marc wonder whether the system failed Davis, essentially allowing him to continue on a course that would end in tragedy.

Marc asks ML to talk about his conversation with Davis’ relatives, who refused to speak about Davis. They declined to comment, but referred ML to a higher power. To find out who, you’ll have to listen.

The conversation turns to ML’s encounter with a politician who said he would meet with ML, then said he wouldn’t be available for weeks because he would be out of town. The pol says ML has a reputation, but seems to have forgotten the most important part of that reputation – that he always gets his man.

Gratuitous Kwame Kilpatrick mention at the 22:00 mark.

Marc asks about stakeouts and ML walks him through some of the challenges investigative teams face in general – and specifically for his upcoming report.

ML reveals how he relied on a “secret agent” to help catch up with the reluctant pol he wanted to quiz.

ML’s questions involve some spending from the pol’s re-election account – even though the pol was term-limited and didn’t run for any other office.

A brief digression on davenports breaks up the flow of a long story well told about ML’s upcoming investigation.

THE GREAT DEBATE: ML answers Marc’s question about whether stakeouts are fun before Shawn dials in to debate Uruguay’s warning to its citizens that the United States may be too dangerous to visit – naming Detroit as one of the three particularly hairy places

GEEK OF THE WEEK: An Ohio lawmaker – whose district is not far from the site of the mass shooting in Dayton – responds to the massacre with a troubling social media post.

ROOM 7609: Bauhaus begat Tones on Tail begat Love and Rockets. ML discusses how the first Goth band spun off the trio that helped establish Alternative music while Marc cues up one of their best tunes – which features a surprising woodwind solo.

MAIL BAG: ML reads letters from listeners – including a blast from a Room 7609 listener, which seems to be the only feature he enjoys.

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