Civilization on the brink, college football, vindictive bosses – no wonder Marc left town while ML and Shawn welcome the legendary Eli Zaret to discuss weighty topics, while Joe can’t wait-y for Marc to get back.


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It’s not just those of us doing podcasts in a basement who are feeling lonely. Broadcast legend Eli Zaret drops in to keep ML company and discuss some statistics that suggest we’re growing apart. Shawn agrees, but of course he zoomed in to the show so he wouldn’t have to be with other people.

After a Baltimore Orioles broadcaster is suspended for telling the truth, Eli offers his take on the REAL reason the Detroit Lions fired play-by-play man Marc Champion many years ago – and it wasn’t because he was too critical of the team. Listen and learn why Eli says the straight-talking pro was let go.

Reporters are supposed to give their unvarnished take on what they see on the field. But what happens when they start working for the team? Eli talks about how he stuck to the truth while working for the dreadful Detroit Pistons without pissing off the boss.

What’s it like to walk into a hostile locker room? Eli and Shawn share their experiences, while ML tells about the time he almost got socked by former Detroit Tiger Joe Niekro while covering the Coors Silver Bullets at Fenway Park in Boston.

Eli and Shawn discuss the Detroit Lions and how fans are losing their minds over our local loveable losers.


ML names college football conference consolidators his Geek of the Week, prompting Shawn to revive the Great Debate as he defends the rush to get rich off college sports. For more on his take, check out his latest column:

ROOM 7609

Brit Pop is making a resurgence this summer, so ML invites Blur into the New Wave suite to perform their prescient ditty “Girls and Boys.”


A love letter from Manchester, ML’s objectivity under attack and kind words for The Primitives. We welcome all your comments – and constructive criticism – at [email protected]


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