We dish up the origin story of Detroit pizza and look back on a TRIPLE beheading as Professor Tim Kiska of the Detroit History Podcast schools ML, Marc and Shawn, while Joe turns in a note from his mother allowing him to stay home.

STRAIGHT DOPE- ML battles elective dysfunction on election day by inviting Tim Kiska on to celebrate the fifth anniversary of his Detroit History Podcast.

Buddy’s, Cloverleaf or Shields? Which is the original Detroit pizza? Tim breaks down the debate.

It started with a van gushing blood, and ended with three bodies in bags, their heads and hands stuffed in separate bags. Tim tells the bloody tale, which involves the intersection of the Black and Italian mobs.

Shawn asks a quick question about Dearborn, leading to a lengthy discussion of the Detroit History Podcast back catalogue. Check it out for yourself here: https://detroithistorypodcast.com/

GEEK OF THE WEEK- The gatekeepers of the Baseball Hall of Fame who keep overlooking Lou Whitaker make our GOW Hall of Shame.

ROOM 7609- We kick off a month of great New Wave covers and honor Duran Duran’s admission to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the Deftones cover of “The Chauffeur.”

FEEDBACK- ML puts some distance between himself and the Free Press editorial board before the MSU-UM debate flares up again.

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