Yahoo! Sports Dan Wetzel, an expert on the Michigan Wolverines sign-stealing scandal, tells ML, Marc and Shawn what went wrong and why all the coaches complaining about it aren’t as innocent as they would have us believe.

STRAIGHT DOPE: Sophisticated as always, ML and Marc revisit their discussion about whether Michigan Wolverines sign stealer and spy master Connor Stalions is a good porn name.

Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports knows more about what’s going on in Ann Arbor than the NCAA and the Big Ten – or at least he’s more rational about it. He gives us his take on what’s going on – and what should happen. Read his latest here.

Did Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh invent cheating, or just raise it to an art form? Dan says football, unlike most other sports, is all about cheating!

Dan says Big Ten coaches who complained U-M was cheating may have undercut their own cause after a new report surfaced that other colleges were trying to steal the Wolverines’ signs. As Matthew Perry, the subject of last week’s episode, might have said: “Could this get any more convoluted!”

Marc believes Harbaugh was truthful when he said he didn’t know about Stalions’ sign stealing operation. ML believes Harbaugh is a liar who always claims to know nothing anything about the major scandals in his midst.

Dan says the Big Ten may suspend Harbaugh for the rest of the season. Shawn, Marc and ML discuss whether that’s fair. You may be surprised by ML’s call for calm.

ML offers his analysis of how the investigation into the scandal could go, as well as reflects on how the feds failed in their bid to get to the bottom of Wayne County corruption during the Bob Ficano administration. Trust us, there’s a connection!

Dan digresses to compliment ML on describing the woman believed to have danced at the mythic Manoogian Mansion party as “entertainer Strawberry.” ML digresses to discuss the differences between the business practices of white and Black strippers, as well as how his investigation with Jim Schafer into the Manoogian Mansion party rumor uncovered some very interesting stripper names. Listen and learn who thought those names were “whack.”

Dan tells the story of a former Florida football coach who appeared in a photo naked with a shark. He has lots of other great stories. Check out his podcast here.

GEEK OF THE WEEK: Missouri public schools, who pay teachers so little that two of them say they had to turn to Only Fans to support themselves, are this week’s geek.

ROOM 7609: Listener Tod books the Undertones into the New Wave suite to get their “Teenage Kicks.”

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