Motown HOF songwriter Mickey Stevenson takes ML, Marc, Shawn, Intern Patrick and Kaleena behind the scenes at Hitsville, U.S.A., while Joe keeps things humming.

THE STRAIGHT DOPE- Motown’s first A&R man Mickey Stevenson – fresh from induction to the Songwriters Hall of Fame – zooms in to tell the crew how Barry Gordy convinced him to work for $5 a day and all the chili he could eat.

Find out what Gordy told Mickey after he auditioned as a singer (spoiler alert: He was brutally frank).

What was it like to work in the same house as Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye and many of the greatest artists you’ve listened to your entire life? Listen and learn from the man who made a lot of it happen.

Mickey tells us how, despite his better judgment, he helped launch Stevie Wonder’s career. It’s one of the most interesting stories ever told on our show!

Get an autographed copy of Mickey’s book at

Intern Patrick took Ukrainian refugees to Cedar Point, and found out that Artur understood a lot more than he let on!

Our former NIL athlete Kaleena Kneiss has been making $100 a day off dogs and chickens. Find out how.

GEEK OF THE WEEK- Politicians who support crooked politicians are this week’s Geeks, and prompt ML to recount his latest expose on Brian Banks, the lawmaker and prolific lawbreaker.

ROOM 7609- A wistful ML invites Prefab Sprout to spend some time with him in the New Wave suite, satisfying his sentimentality and “Appetite.”

FEEDBACK- A frustrated electorate sounds off.

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