An Eastsider fighting human trafficking in the shadow of Mt. Everest joins ML and Marc to explain how he got involved in rescuing young women from a Nepalese coyotes while Joe sends a St. Bernard in search of Shawn.

STRAIGHT DOPE: Paul Fayad and Pem Sherpa take a break from rescuing young girls from human trafficking in Nepal to talk about their work for the Tsering Fund, which made a documentary about their work.

Paul has trekked all over the world, but tells ML and Marc when his travels took him to Nepal, he figured he had to do something about tragedy taking place in the majestic mountains. 

Pem runs a shop in Ann Arbor, but he grew up in Nepal. He and his wife have climbed Mt. Everest multiple times, and even exchanged vows on the summit. ML and Marc ask him what it’s like to see all the trash – and dead bodies – that litter the way. Find out what he says about what is being taken down from the mountain, and which you still see sticking up through the snow.

ML will emcee an event Monday, Jan. 30 at Windmill Pointe Park in Grosse Pointe Park at which Paul and Pem will show a documentary and discuss what we can do to fight human trafficking. It’s free, so please come out to see us! Doors open at 5:30 p.m. The documentary will be shown at 6 p.m., followed by a Q&A ML will moderate. There will be food and beverages on hand, too. 

For more on how you can help Paul and Pem, check out the Tsering Fund here.

ML’s latest “On Guard” column for the Free Press calls out the feds for agreeing to let Macomb County corruption kingpin Anthony Marrocco plead guilty to a charge that only exposes him to a maximum of 16 months in prison. Read it here.

ML’s team finally won at his annual outdoor charity hockey event at Clark Park, so he’s hoping you’ll help him celebrate by making a donation because he’s nowhere close to reaching his fundraising goal. Use this link to learn more (and give).

GEEK OF THE WEEK: West Virginia Public Television may not win any journalism awards for messing with a reporter who told the truth, but they can at least celebrate winning our GOW trophy.

ROOM 7609: We shoegaze again this week as Blur checks into the New Wave suite with “There’s No Other Way.” We also invite listeners to send in their favorite pop song that samples or rips off a riff from a New Wave tune.

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