Kwame Kilpatrick once said we “done set him up for a comeback,” and now that he’s poised to come back, ML is telling some exclusive new tales about how Hizzoner is living large, while Shawn complains and Marc maintains.

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For our pre-Thanksgiving special, we welcome our NIL athlete Kalee Kniess back in studio for an update in the chaos at Michigan’s second-most scandalous university. We also introduce listeners to intern Al, who reveals why high school kids fear Swifties.

Get the bell ready! Shawn isn’t happy about it, but ML is telling some new Kwame Kilpatrick tales. Marc is fascinated.  Kilpatrick has a new job and his boss says he’s a “changed man.” He just hasn’t shared any of that change with Detroit, who he owes $850,000 in restitution. ML’s latest Free Press column tallies up how much he owes taxpayers and how he’s continuing to live large. Read it here.

Because the children are our future, Shawn asks Kalee and Al what they know about Kilpatrick.

ML is going to be out and about this week. Catch him Wednesday at the Magic Bag for the Smiths United show, or Friday at Thomas Magee’s Sporting House and Whiskey Bar in Eastern Market before the Michigan State-Penn State game at Ford Field. Learn more about the bar here.

Shawn and Marc renew their debate over the sign-stealing scandal while ML sits back and waits for a chance to play an “I-told-you-so” clip from last week’s show. Here’s Shawn’s latest column.

A listener believes he’s identified what happened to Shawn’s rental car in Los Angeles. Ever hear of a “soup kitchen?”

Al discusses some potential bonus options for Patreon subscribers. Please send your own suggestions to [email protected]

GEEK OF THE WEEK: ML tries to get sly by calling out Lions skeptics.

ROOM 7609: Shawn was SUPPOSED to pick his favorite Robert Bradley’s Blackwater Surprise tune to fulfill a pledge to listener Lilija, but listener Bob saves the day by booking English Beat into the New Wave suite to perform “Mirror in the Bathroom.”

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