Scandal in East Lansing. What else is new? ML, Marc and Shawn chop it up, while Joe remains the master of his domain.

STRAIGHT DOPE: ML starts with an update on the college football coach from Michigan who is on suspension – and it’s not who you might think.

ML is ready to rebrand after years of saying: “You can’t spell ‘MeL’ without ‘ML.’” Now that the “S” in “MSU” stands for “Scandal,”

ML offers a harsh critique of the university’s handling of the Mel Tucker debacle.

Shawn had a farewell column for a colleague teed up when he got advance warning that USA Today was about to drop a bomb on the Spartan football program. Listen and learn what he did next.

Tucker offered a defense of his actions, firing back at his accuser Brenda Tracy.

Marc, Shawn and ML scrutinize and analyze his response.Shawn explains why MSU could have – and should have – suspended Tucker way before Sunday.

ML hammers MSU for a press conference that generated more questions than answers. He again calls for the university to tear down the Green Wall, a subject he wrote about last year. Here’s a link to that column.

An MSU beat writer covered his last game Saturday. Find out whether he’s second-guessing himself or grateful he got out of Dodge just as disaster hit.

Elsewhere in the news, ML criticizes District Detroit for its “Promise. Delay. Repeat” pattern. 

Read all about it here.

GEEK OF THE WEEK: We will always remember what happened on 9/11, but Draft Kings is our GOW for coming up with a promotion it hopes we will soon forget.

ROOM 7609: Wang Chung’s “To Live and Die in L.A.” is the first installment in our series of New Wave tunes that doubled as movie themes.

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