Eyewitnesses contradict the official account of the Oxford High School shooting, as Free Press reporter Tresa Baldas tells ML and Marc, while Shawn is missing and Joe is action.

STRAIGHT DOPE: ML updates listeners on Shawn’s whereabouts – and why it would REALLY help him and Shawn if you subscribed to the Free Press for 6 months for a measly buck. Use this link: https://subscribe.freep.com/offers

Tresa uncovers depositions in which Oxford High School teachers and counselors share their version of what happened on the day Ethan Crumbley went on a rampage. Turns out it’s VERY different from what we’ve been told. Here are links to her stories:



ML did a favor for Tresa that he hopes will earn him some good will this holiday season. Listen and learn what it is. (P.S. This is safe for work.)

Marc explains his health predicament – and how it may never end!

GEEK OF THE WEEK: If you didn’t see crypto currency going south, you probably can’t predict who this week’s geek is, either.

ROOM 7609: Listener Michael books Weegie women Strawberry Switchblade into the New Wave suite to cover Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.”

FEEDBACK: UFO mystery solved, the Q Line and ML’s take on criminal justice fill this week’s InBox.

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