A Nazi rally, Cuba and a Mafia hotel are just a few of the places Gregg Sutter went while working for Elmore Leonard. Sutter tells ML, Marc and Shawn what it was like to work as a legman for the literary giant, while Joe experiences what it’s like to work for mental midgets.

STRAIGHT DOPE- With a special guest dialing in from Los Angeles to discuss bestselling author Elmore Leonard, Shawn instead steers the conversation toward the college football national championship which, coincidentally, was also in Los Angeles. Sheesh!

Gregg Sutter was an Oakland University student and Elmore Leonard fanboy when he reached out to Detroit’s greatest writer. He reveals how meeting Leonard turned into a career.

ML gives a quick overview of Leonard’s career, which Gregg expands on, including Leonard’s evolution from writer of westerns to Hollywood icon.

Gregg lists some of his favorite Leonard books that were turned into movies, while ML shares an anecdote he heard about Leonard’s frustration with Burt Reynolds.

A Nazi rally, Cuba and a Mafia hotel in Italy were just some of the places Gregg explored while working for Leonard. He tells more tales about what it was like to be a researcher for the legendary writer.

The conversation moves from supremely talented novelist to Supreme Court controversy – a discussion in which Shawn expresses shock at what he considers a rare case of ML enlightenment. Hurtful!

GEEK OF THE WEEK- ML may have become this week’s geek by recycling a geek. Or maybe not. Listen and let us know if your memory is better than Marc’s.

ROOM 7609- This week’s guest in the New Wave suite is SO sweet that Shawn risks a burst bladder. That’s the power of Elvis Costello’s “Watching the Detectives.”

FEEDBACK- An NRA member and college football fan agrees with ML, while another listener takes him down a peg for taking a national story and making it all about him.

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