M.L. Elrick (@elrick), Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) and Shawn Windsor (@ShawnWindsor) are spinnin’ platters in the Red Shovel Network basement studios like some kind of three-headed DJ putting on a vanilla version of “The Scene.”

THE STRAIGHT DOPE: M.L. cuts the grass on the median of East Outer Drive, conjuring memories of the days he used to cut the grass of his unruly neighbor, Crackadocious.

And what look back at Crackadocious would be complete without recapping the morning her house was fire-bombed? Spoiler alert: The lizard lived!

The conversation gets deep, as M.L. wonders if having to care for the property of derelict neighbors and unkempt public spaces could bring Detroiters together in a way that people in well-tended and efficiently run suburbs could never come together. 

Within moments, Marc and Shawn debunk that myth as they share their suburban bonding experiences.

In the end, the boys learn a valuable lesson: That we’re really not all that different. (Aw!!!)

In a bit of reverse-inspiration, anti-tribute to Hank Blalock, M.L., Shawn and Marc select “walk-up” songs for each other. 

But, as they say in those great old TV record club commercials, “Wait, there’s more!” as the boys explain — and in one or two cases, justify — their choices.

THE GREAT DEBATE: Once again, the oddsmakers are predicting great things for the Michigan Wolverine football team and not-so-great things for the Michigan State Spartan football team. Shawn, Marc and M.L. fail to reach a consensus. Again!

GEEK OF THE WEEK: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but one local man’s social media post on the first nearly fully-clad Sports Illustrated swimsuit model brought home GOW honors this week. In a nice change, this week’s geek provokes a high-minded conversation about Freedom of Speech and what kind of consequences someone should face for exercising their rights.

ROOM 7609: Hot damn! Smiths guitar genius Johnny Marr is coming to St. Andrew’s Hall, so we’re making an exception to our retro catalogue by choosing a fairly recent offering from this NuWave icon and featuring his super groovy tune “New Town Velocity.”

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