M.L. Elrick (@elrick), Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) and Shawn Windsor (@ShawnWindsor) are chillin’ in the Red Shovel Network basement studios like some kind of much cooler reboot of “That 70s Show.” Drew Lane (@DrewMikePodcast), aka Drew Wave, crashes the party in Room 7609 to discuss one of the better James Bond theme songs that didn’t end up making the cut.

THE STRAIGHT DOPE: For once, M.L. has a good excuse for sounding funny. Fresh off septoplasty surgery to repair a deviated septum, he recalls his first (and, so far, only) brush with fentanyl.

While last week’s show was a feel-good look back at never-before-told stories about the Kwame Kilpatrick investigation that was rewarded with a Pulitzer Prize, M.L. tells a less warm-and-fuzzy story about how an offhand comment got him on the wrong side of the Pulitzer folks.

Just when he thought he’d heard all the crazy Kilpatrick stories, M.L. shares a new one he picked up just this week involving Kilpatrick lover Christine Beatty, law school, police escorts and, well, you need to hear it for yourself …

The Other White Mike in Detroit – Mayor Mike Duggan – could be facing a recall campaign. Marc wants to know if Hizzoner is in trouble. M.L. wants to know where the money is coming from. (Hint: Bob Carmack says it’s not him.)

The Slow Roll is a very popular Detroit biking phenomenon. Marc, Shawn and M.L. delve into a less popular slow roll: The Ilitch family’s lack of progress on their grand plan for District Detroit. A lively debate over topics ranging from using public money for private projects, derelict lawmakers who roll over for billionaires and then take a powder and who is responsible for holding developers responsible for meeting their obligations follows. Highlights include Shawn cursing and his concerns about capitalism (did we mention Shawn lives in The People’s Republic of Ann Arbor?).

A discussion of the media’s role in holding moguls accountable ensues, wherein M.L. comes up with a plan for local lawmakers to get back in the game.

THE GREAT DEBATE: Is Detroit a basketball town or a Hockeytown? Shawn, Marc and M.L. have a meeting of the minds, but just can’t seem to reach a consensus.

GEEK OF THE WEEK: “Red” Rudy Giuliani earns a dishonorable mention for his enthusiasm for taking political dirt from the Rooskies, but this week’s honoree is Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi Arabian crown prince who sat by as his minions executed 37 people – including a kid whose plans to attend Western Michigan University were derailed by his participation in a pro-democracy rally in 2012.

ROOM 7609: After several weeks of playing bands that “sound like Blondie,” Deborah Harry herself checks into Room 7609 with “For Your Eyes Only,” an outstanding tune that somehow got beat out by Sheena Easton as a James Bond theme song. Drew Wave drops in to drop some wisdom.

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