ML Elrick (@elrick), Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) and Shawn Windsor (@ShawnWindsor) are in the basement

INSIDE PAGE: Our weekly insights on the news and look behind the scene gets the inaugural “Soul of Detroit” podcast off on a bossy note, as M.L. rolls out some Rules of the Road. We’re not sure when that became “a thing,” but we’re putting a stop to that “thing” — and more!

Marc asks M.L. if he ever gets frustrated when a “Problem Solvers” investigation fails to change anything and gets a surprisingly zen-like response.

Mike? Michael? Your Lordship? Trying to break through the mystique of “M.L.”

Sports writer extraordinare and part-time epicure Shawn Windsor cops to indulging in unlimited chicken finger buffets while on the road.

Just what the hell is the “Red Shovel Network” anyway? And what are we doing here? We interrupt podcasting impresario and self-made network executive Drew Lane on a very important call to ask him just what the hell we’re doing here.

Look back in anger. M.L. recaps his charity hockey game at Clark Park versus voluble and volatile attorney Mike Rataj. M.L. says “the kids won.” Marc and Shawn get to the truth.

Synergy, algorithms, Big Data. What – if anything – do they mean?

A look ahead at the now finished Wolverine-Spartan basketball game. Who got it right — and which team has the better haircuts?

THE GREAT DEBATE: Who is Michigan’s top college basketball coach: Tom Izzo, John Beilein … or Greg Kampe? Learn M.L.’s surprising choice and hear how when Marc pushes Shawn to pick, he punts!

GEEK OF THE WEEK: Goodloe Sutton. What in the world did the editor and publisher of the tiny Democrat-Reporter in Linden, Alabama write that outraged a nation?

ROOM 7609: Drew drops in on M.L.’s weekly effort to preserve underappreciated NuWave tunes, which debuts with a B-side from Duran Duran. A lively discussion of John Taylor’s prowess on the bass guitar ensues and, somehow, turns into a debate over the merits of late 80s baritoned deejays Alan Almond and The Electrifying Mojo

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