Shawn comes in late but hot with stories about the Amazing Belvin, his fighter pilot stepdad, while ML and Marc try to stay on target and Joe struggles to blow the canopy.

STRAIGHT DOPE: Shawn is late (even for Shawn), but steals the show with stories about Belvin, his kimono-wearing, fighter pilot stepfather who once bribed a cop when Shawn got caught driving 115 mph (which is the only speed that would have got him to the show on time).

Belvin had an owl. You’d think there isn’t much more to say about that … and you’d be wrong.

College football in Michigan kicks off this weekend. ML takes a shot at Jim Harbaugh’s ability to pick a quarterback, while Marc and Shawn harken back to great Wolverine signal-callers.

Blondie was in Detroit on Friday, prompting a discussion about whether the old days in New York and Detroit were better than today’s sanitized downtown.

GEEK OF THE WEEK: Uncle Sam takes a hit for his indirect role in the cancellation of the new “Batgirl” film.

ROOM 7609: We interrupt our string of Dark Wave guests in the New Wave suit to let Blondie go “Atomic.”

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