• Charlie LeDuff (Twitter @Charlieleduff/Facebook Charlie LeDuff) and M.L. Elrick (Twitter @elrick/Facebook ML ELRICK/Instagram ml_elrick) are reunited — or is it reignited? — at Red Shovel Network HQ. Shawn Windsor (Twitter @ShawnWindsor) is here, too, while Brandon McAfee (Twitter @Pro_Duecer) keeps things on track as Marc Fellhauer takes care of business elsewhere.
  • THE STRAIGHT DOPE:  Shawn launches an offensive, defending the Detroit Free Press after Charlie blasted it in a column for Deadline Detroit.
  • ML is trying to set the stage for the discussion as Shawn butts in to say “let’s set the stage.”
  • The boys discuss sensational storytelling versus sensationalism.
  • ML calls Charlie out for not calling ML before Charlie called out the Free Press’ reporting on Kwame Kilpatrick’s text messages.
  • ML reads the offending passages from Charlie’s column, while disclosing that he may return to the Free Press — but he adds that’s not why he’s defending the landmark work he and Jim Schaefer did at the Free Press.
  • Shawn and Charlie discuss Free Press editorial page columnist Brian Dickerson’s column that praised Charlie as “whip smart,” before coronating him “the clown prince of Detroit journalism.”
  • Charlie apologizes to ML … but has no regrets about slamming Dickerson. (In print and in the latest episode of the No BS Newshour)
  • ML sets the record straight on the Free Press’ role and motives in the disclosure of Kilpatrick’s text messages.
  • Charlie explains how a columnist he said didn’t matter got so deep under his skin.
  • ML says No BS should mean No BS.
  • Charlie confesses his love for NuWave music.
  • Charlie discloses that Fox killed some of his biggest stories.
  • Shawn calls Charlie out for his over aggressive approach to touch football. Then he takes a shot at Charlie for using a cliche. Then Charlie apologizes for tackling Shawn. Then Charlie says he loves Shawn’s work, which he reads on the toilet (no offense intended). Then the show deteriorates into a love-fest. Boy, this episode got soft fast!!!
  • ML appeals to listeners to support Clark Park. You can learn more and give here.
  • THE GREAT DEBATE: After nearly an hour of debate, ML makes the executive decision to put The Great Debate on hold until next week.
  • GEEK OF THE WEEK: Advertisers spend a lot of time and effort on commercials to deliver a specific message. So what the hell was up with that Olay ad? And a few others. The overpaid nitwits who came up with them are this week’s honorees. Brandon helps explain why.
  • ROOM 7609: Echo & The Bunnymen don’t belong here because anyone who knows anything about good music knows all about them, and all of their music is well-known for its excellence. So what are they doing checking in to the suite reserved for under appreciated NuWave artists? Well, take a listen, because you’ve never heard them quite like this!
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