ML joins remotely from the Mackinac Island Policy conference. Bizzaro Shawn makes an appearance to argue with our displaced leader about money, weed, and music . Special Guest Drew Lane pops down to fill in for the absent host only to discover that ML won’t leave. 

STRAIGHT DOPE: ML reports live from the Mackinac Island Policy Conference where politicos, lobbyists, and reporters mingle.  He explains that there isn’t as much “policy” talk as there is fund raising for the next job. 

We welcome our newest sponsor to the show.  Irish Coffee Bar & Grill in Grosse Pointe.

Shawn doesn’t want people to write off Detroit Lions WR Jameson Williams because he’s only 22-years-old. Other people in the room are already done with him and ready to move on.

Le’Veon Bell reveals that he smoked weed before his NFL games.  It turns out that it is a performance enhansing drug.

MSU is either chasing the money or trying to stay warm by moving their football game against Penn State to Ford Field on Black Friday night.  A lot of alumni, fans and the small businesses in East Lansing object.

ML is dismayed that college sports is all about the money… like everything in the United States.  We dive into the mailbag early as a listener is furious that MSU has an official gambling partner.

GEEK OF THE WEEK: Marc nominates a bunch of people this week in hopes Shawn will pick one.  Either all of the Federal Govenment for the Debt Ceiling Showdown circus or one mother in Florida who “doesn’t read books” and apparently doesn’t want any kids to read as well.

ROOM 7609: Our special guest rejoins the show to make a very divisive choice.

FEEDBACK: You wrote, we responded … and our AI misreads Shawn completely.

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