Shawn asks Marc about Ron Jeremy and John Wayne Bobbit before moving on to tantalizing topics like eating nude. ML waits patiently for a chance to talk about his latest government watchdog column about Wayne County’s Friends and Family plan after threatening to do a door dash if he catches anyone snacking in their birthday suit.


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ML offers to mediate a workplace controversy that erupted on a recent Drew and Mike Podcast episode before Marc tells him the matter was resolved peacefully.

From Marc’s stories about two of the most famous cranks in the adult film industry to ML’s reminiscences about crank calls, this week’s episode is one of the most eclectic ever!

Voters in Michigan’s presidential primary are forced to choose a party, something ML says caused him to skip the polls this year because he doesn’t want to be aligned with either the Republicans or Democrats. A debate erupts after Marc says he hates it when people tell him that if he doesn’t vote, he can’t complain.

The Chicago Blackhawks retired Chris Chelio’s #7 on Sunday, prompting ML to share a story from his Chicago days and Cheli’s reaction to the USA hockey team’s ignominious performance in the Nagano Olympics.

Bob Cousy or Steph Curry? Bill Russell or LaBron James? Shawn sets the record straight.

A Wayne County contractor with a lucrative government deal was charged with domestic violence, causing ML to dig deep into his relationship with the county and County Executive Warren Evans. He learns Evans, who may run for mayor of Detroit, has his own “friends and family” plan. You can read all about ML’s latest investigation here.

If you love the theme from “Baretta” and great cop show theme songs of the 70s you’ve come to the right place, because we never take our eye off the sparrow!

Could Matthew Modine, Crispin Glover and Eric Stolz be separated at birth. We ponder.

Shawn likes to keep things sophistocated, so he asks Marc and ML: “Have you ever eaten in the nude?” ML and Marc reveal all.


The OTHER Tony Saunders, who stole a bus and stripped when police tried to arrest him, is this week’s geek.

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