Your poet tax dollars wasted, top prison chefs revealed, and track suits for a good cause keep ML, Marc and Shawn busy, while Joe seeks an iron for his velour.

STRAIGHT DOPE: Shawn is gone and Marc is back, as the Soul of Detroit revolving door continues to spin. Marc tells us what he found at Disney World while ML shares his favorite ride at Universal (spoiler alert: It involves riding a bar stool).
Your tax dollars were spent on a poet laureate, even though the state did not hire a poet laureate until Clara Hendrickson of the Free Press started asking what they were doing with your dough. Read all about it here.

Mark Kurlyandchik went to prison for gourmet food. Actually, he went to meet a chef who is turning cons into cooks. And not just any cooks – kitchen magicians. He discusses the five-year journey behind his documentary “Coldwater Kitchen,” which you can see at the upcoming Freep Film Festival. ML will also emcee a panel at the festival. Learn all about it here.

Shawn makes the scene just in time to appreciate ML’s Shawshank Shwarma joke. It’s worth tuning in for.

Man-about-town August Gitschlag sashays in, resplendent in his tiger festooned track suit to discuss his charity event on April 22 at Whiskey in the Jar in Hamtramck. Here’s how to bust out your favorite track suit for a good cause.

Is “Succession” an allegory for modern life? ML thinks so, and shares the theory he worked out while taking a shower before the show (so you know it’s got to be good!).

ML’s latest investigation reveals that Geoffrey Fieger was sick for years before he suffered a stroke, and continued working as a trial lawyer after his doctor told him to stop. Along the way he sued his insurance underwriters for $16 million, claiming that being unable to try cases made him disabled. 
Read all about it here.

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GEEK OF THE WEEK: George Santos. Say no more.

ROOM 7609: Ava Max’s “Born to the Night” does a double dip into New Wave music. Listen and see if you can pick the two New Wave artists who inspired her rather insipid song.

FEEDBACK: A listener wants to send ML to Flint and another questions whether he’s picking on Fieger.

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