We fight the power (company) as we celebrate our 200th episode. Energy Vampire Shawn returns while ML and Marc welcome a cavalcade of dynamic guests and Joe stays grounded.

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Keith Matheny of the Free Press drops in to discuss his deep dive into why Michigan’s power companies are so expensive and take so long to restore power when bad weather hits.

Shawn shares how he kept some repair workers from restoring power in Ann Arbor, but it turns out there are all kinds of other reasons why Michigan has one of the most vulnerable power grids in the nation. Keith explains.

Keith discusses how locally-owned, non-profit power companies perform compared to DTE and Consumers. Has Lansing’s Board of Power and Light shown the way to savings AND a more reliable grid?

If the power problems weren’t enough to freak you out, Keith has also reported on how toxic chemicals roll down railroad tracks in Michigan every day on their way to toxic disposal sites. Read it and weep.
Donald Trump is scheduled to get his mugshot in New York. But you won’t get to see it. ML discusses a federal policy that keeps us from getting mugshots of accused criminals here in Michigan – and why it makes no sense.

ML’s latest column exposes how elected officials are STILL putting relatives on the public payroll. A discussion of the nepo-babies follows. Check out ML’s column.

Max Prokop has created some new music to commemorate the show’s 200th episode. He’s also playing at the Magic Bag on Friday, April 14thwith the Smiths United. Get tickets here.

GEEK OF THE WEEK: Is the LSU basketball player who taunts the trash-talkingest player in women’s college basketball our GOW … or does a surprise candidate steal the tarnished crown?

ROOM 7609: Listener Mike books Lady Sovereign in the New Wave suite to perform “So Human” as the second installment in our series of pop songs that sample or are inspired by New Wave hooks. Can you identify the band and the song?

FEEDBACK: Your messages about Shawn’s housekeeping habits, ML’s latest column and favoritism’s impact on Detroit dominate our discussion.

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