Call him “Walter (Green and) White.” At least that’s how ML and Marc refer to the MSU adjunct professor of kinesiology who students discovered had some problems with meth charges in Louisiana, making Joe more grateful than ever to be a WSU grad. 

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ML passed up a chance to see Miggy’s last game, so instead he regales Marc with tales of the final game of the season he attended in 2003 – the worst season in Tigers’ history.

With his Wolverines challenging for the top spot in college football, Marc instead wants to talk about ML’s Spartans and their latest successful bid to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Get Marc’s take on whether the team would be better with Mel Tucker in charge.

Former Detroit police chief James Craig finally gets into the Michigan GOP primary for the U.S. Senate. ML and Marc discuss his chances. Read all about it here.

Ethan Crumbley’s parents get some bad news from the Michigan Supreme Court. Get ML and Marc’s analysis of their legal case – and the peril ahead. Get the latest here: Michigan Supreme Court refuses to hear case of James and Jennifer Crumbley

Mackenzie Allbee, the MSU student who helped reveal the troubled past of her kinesiology professor, dials in to discuss how students knew something wasn’t right with the cranky prof who was gone after two class sessions. Here is The State News article.

The dyspeptic MSU adjunct prompted long-time adjunct journalism prof ML to check out how he fared on RateMyProfs. Use this link to see how he did. 

GEEK OF THE WEEK: ML isn’t a millionaire, but he is a Spartan Dawg for Life. Listen and learn about the phony Spartan Dawg for Life whose highest accomplishment is being our Geek of Week.

ROOM 7609: Listener John recommended the Pixies “Where is My Mind” as the next entry in our series of New Wave tunes that doubled as movie themes.

Listen and learn which movie it was featured in and what aspect of the movie drives ML crazy. 

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