When we say it’s a game, they say it’s a business. When we say it’s a business, they say it’s a game. Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports joins ML, Marc and Shawn to discuss the latest controversy in college sports.

STRAIGHT DOPE: Almost everyone has been pulled over by the police. But few of us have had the kind of traffic stop a Lapeer man describes in a lawsuit against the Warren Police Department that includes those two dreaded words: “Cavity search.” Read the full story here.
Kwame Kilpatrick wouldn’t talk to ML, but he did get a friendly reception on WJR when the Guy Gordon Show invited him on to tell more tall tales. ML puts more truth to those lies, and teases ahead to an upcoming column about another disgraced former public official who has failed to live up to their obligation. Check out ML’s recent column on Hizzoner here.

Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports and the College Sports Enquirer podcast rejoins the SOD crew to debate whether leaving Florida State out of the playoffs. Check out his podcast here

Marc is feeling pretty confident that the Connor Stalions controversy has blown over now that his Michigan Wolverines at the top team in the land, but ML thinks they’ve been set up for a fall in Pasadena. It may be the one thing ML and Shawn agree on.

Shawn once again steals the show by recounting the time he drove through the South with four pounds of weed in his car. Listen and learn what happened when he and his pusher pal got pulled over. 

By now we’ve learned a lot of crazy stuff happens in conveyances that carry Shawn to and fro, but even we weren’t ready for his latest tale about his fighter pilot stepdad Belvin and what happened in the back of a van headed to New Orleans.

The debate over the impact money has had on college football continues, revealing that Shawn thinks colleges should spend more on coffee shops and indie music than dormitories and sports programs. We’re still considering bonus options for Patreon subscribers before we launch our new funding stream in 2024. Please send your own suggestions to[email protected]

GEEK OF THE WEEK: The folks who devised the 4-team college football playoff format aren’t going to win a MacArthur Genius Grant, but they did take our prize!

ROOM 7609: ML discovers an act even Shawn should like when he books Nervus Rex into the New Wave suite to perform “Don’t Look.”

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