Sam Riddle and Monica Conyers were Detroit’s political power couple in the Awful Aughts, which landed both of them in prison. Sam joins ML, Marc, Shawn and Patrick to discuss his political comeback, while Joe takes tips on what to expect if he turns to a life of crime…

THE STRAIGHT DOPE- Shawn comes back from his trip to the desert and shares the secrets he learned during this voyage of self-discovery … or something like that.

Sam went to prison for his role in a bribery scheme at the heart of Detroit’s culture of corruption. Now he’s running for Congress. He joins the crew to talk about his past and future.

Sam shares some insights into Monica Conyers, his one-time boss and partner in crime, and what he would have done if SHE had run for Congress.

Sam gives Shawn a hard time, and ML is LOVING it!

Sam talks about his long and accomplished career, as well as how it all went off the rails.

ML encourages everyone to spend $1 on a six-month subscription so you can read his column on Sam and Monica’s problems and political prospects.

GEEK OF THE WEEK: A guy who mistakenly received his village’s entire COVID relief fund lost the loot – and face – but won GOW honors.

ROOM 7609: We’re talking politics which is why Todd from Windsor’s suggestion that we book Re Flex into the New Wave suite to play “The Politics of Dancing” is so right-on …

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