A local man who helps undrafted football players realize their NFL dream tells ML, Marc and Shawn how he works his magic, while Joe waits for Roger Goodell to call his name.

STRAIGHT DOPE: ML starts off a bit dour after being admonished before the show. Listen and learn what the fuss was all about.
For 30 years, Tom Tafelski has helped turn college football players who didn’t get drafted into NFL players. He’s been so successful that his clients have played in more than five Super Bowls.

Tom tells us how he got his start as a sports agent — and how he competes in a world populated by sharks like Scott Boras and Drew Rosenhaus.
“What price a man?” Or so the Bard might have said (if he listened to this podcast hundreds of years ago).
Since Shakespeare is dead, it’s left to ML to ponder as pro salaries dominate the debate.
Tom tells how he took a relative unknown from Tiffin and turned him into an NFL player.

ML is fighting to restore the press room in Detroit’s city hall to its rightful place on the mayor’s floor, though he’ll settle for digs on the city council’s floor. He tells all about it in his latest “On Guard” column.

Shawn tells ML to let Tom talk, only to have Tom agree with ML. Sweet justice!

GEEK OF THE WEEK: A Rooskie who tried to eliminate her doppelganger with a poison cheesecake is this week’s geek.

ROOM 7609: Madison Mars checks into the New Wave suite to perform “New Vibe Who Dis,” which has great musical bones borrowed from one of the most iconic New Wave duos ever.

FEEDBACK: Shawn reads an email about ML that makes him physically ill, while Marc shares an awesome Bill Bonds story from a listener.

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