Shawn is gone so ML and Marc chop up greedy billionaires, a corruption kingpin, and jocks on jocks while Joe generates green energy.

STRAIGHT DOPE: While Shawn slums with Mr. March himself – Tom Izzo – ML and Marc discuss how a sports radio buddy’s tweet about Izzo’s potential demise rekindled a feud with ML.
Detroit City Council is poised to vote on a $800 million tax incentive plan for the Ilitch’s latest District Detroit proposal, raising questions about what can be done to make sure they keep their promises this time – and who doesn’t seem to be interested in making sure they do.
ML and Marc break down the questionable logic of Mayor Mike Duggan’s claim that $400 million of the incentive money for District Detroit wouldn’t cost Detroiters a cent.
ML spent last Thursday with the corruption kingpin of Macomb County, who was sentenced to a mere 3 months in prison after two decades of despotism. In his latest “On Guard” column, ML reveals the whistleblower who tried for 10 years to get justice. Read all about it here.
The Drew and Mike podcast’s recent discussion of Jalen Rose’s interview with Ja Morant has ML bemoaning the sorry state of network TV sports journalism, which seems more like a frat house than a news operation.

GEEK OF THE WEEK: When you run an operation that charges you more in “convenience fees” than the price of a ticket, you collect loads of dough you don’t deserve – and GOW honors.
ROOM 7609: Yes, even epic New Wave icons The Cure have some great cuts you’ve never heard of. So ML cues up “The Upstairs Room” and tells two Cure tales, including at least one which may be apocryphal.

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