Longtime Detroit provocateur Jerry Vile talks dirty and discusses some of his greatest (s)hits while Marc and ML listen with rapt attention, Shawn thumbs his thesaurus and Joey downloads some NSF content from Jerry’s website.

  • THE STRAIGHT DOPE: The Dirty Show is BACK! Host Jerry Peterson, aka Jerry Vile, talks about this year’s exhibition of exhibitionists and artists at the Russell Industrial Center.
  • This is the 22nd annual Dirty Show, but Jerry has been shocking metro Detroit for more than 50 years. ML and Marc discuss his early days with punk rock group The Boners as well as Fun Magazine and Orbit. To learn more about Orbit magazine, check out Rob St. Mary’s definitive volume.
  • Hollywood knows Jerry, from his appearance in a Jonathan Demme film to Orby’s cameo in “Pulp Fiction.”
  • We discuss some of Jerry’s greatest pranks, including the giant Crisco can he placed by the Joe Louis fist as a bit of subtle social commentary on how Detroit should best prepare for bankruptcy.
  • GEEK OF THE WEEK: A mayor who envisioned a future in which ice shanties become bordellos is this week’s geek.
  • ROOM 7609: We often debate who is fit to occupy the New Wave suite, but we all bow down to Jerry Vile when he books Tuxedomoon with “No Tears.”
  • FEEDBACK: You ask, we answer.
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