Al Sobotka, the world’s most famous Zamboni driver, discusses his abrupt ouster, while ML, Shawn and Marc check their prostates and Joe schedules his first colonoscopy…

THE STRAIGHT DOPE: After 51 years on the job, the Detroit Red Wings relieved Al Sobotka after he admitted to relieving himself in a drain. He tells us what happened, why he’s suing, and what he’s, er, pissed off.

All kinds of rumors are swirling around the drain about what happened. We ask Al to flush the false ones. Listen and learn.

Find out which legendary Red Wing called Al from Russia — and what advice Wayne “The Great One” Gretzky had to offer.

ML — FINALLY — got a job! Check out his latest here.

Read about the “Tragedy of Miguel Cabrera” — and who ML thinks is an even more cryptic Detroit sports figure

GEEK OF THE WEEK: Kwame Kilpatrick says he didn’t commit public corruption, despite being convicted fo 24 counts of … wait for it … PUBLIC CORRUPTION.

ROOM 7609: DJ Dan, who used to spin at The City Club, booked Pop Will Eat Itself into the New Wave suite to perform their Cyrus-inspired “Can U Dig It.”

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