Oxford families deserve the truth, a former school board member tells ML, Marc and Shawn on the anniversary of Ethan Crumbley’s shooting rampage that killed four and left countless lives changed forever. Joe runs the show until Matt Riley makes the scene.


Former Oxford Community School District Treasurer Korey Bailey explains why he and Tom Donnelly resigned from the board. They claim the district has been lying to the public about how they handled warning signs about Crumbley.

ML recaps what we’ve been told about Ethan Crumbley and his parents on Nov. 30, 2021, a day that ended in a deadly rampage. Then he asks Korey to compare what school officials said about that day, and what Korey says was supposed to happen.

Korey and his attorney Bill Seikaly discuss what other communities can learn from the tragedy in Oxford.

Matt Riley pops in to talk about the legend of Killer Kowalski and how he inspired the annual Killer Cares charity fundraiser at The Lodge Bar and Grill in Keego Harbor, where ML and Marc will tend bar for tips.

ML reveals some of this worst purchases at the Killer Cares silent action and the one item he won but was almost too embarrassed to claim.

Here’s how to get involved in the Killer Cares charity event https://killercares.org/

If you listen to the show and are hearing some new ads that you don’t like, ML explains why you have only yourself to blame.

GEEK OF THE WEEK: Shawn thinks ML is being too harsh for naming a company Geek of the Week after they laid off 2,700 people just before Thanksgiving. The company notified workers with an email. The email was sent while they were sleeping. Really.

ROOM 7609: We wrap cover month with Marc’s favorite band covering ML’s favorite band as Radiohead checks into the New Wave suite to perform The Smith’s “Headmaster Ritual.”

FEEDBACK: What do ML and Mel Tucker have in common, other than the letters “M” and “L”? Listeners think they suck!

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