M.L. Elrick (@elrick), Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) and Drew Lane (@DrewMikePodcast) welcome Fox 2’s Rob Wolchek (@RobWolchek) to Red Shovel Network HQ. Shawn Windsor (@ShawnWindsor) gets the week off because he’s on deadline … and because Wolchek won’t shut his yapper!

THE STRAIGHT DOPE: Drew gets some love in The Detroit News, ‘I’m back in the climb’: Drew Lane builds podcast mini-empire in basement, as superlative reporter and wordsmith Neal Rubin chronicles the rise of the Red Shovel Network — and reveals a little-known fact from Drew’s collegiate baseball days.

The Gang of Four comments on the latest baloney out of Facebook.

Fox 2 Hall of Shame superstar Rob Wolchek recalls some memorable confrontations — including one with a former star of “Survivor” who lived in a House of Skank.

Rob discusses some of his most controversial stories, including one featuring Fred Schnickelhoffer … or something like that.

The boys’ questions leave Rob speechless — or as close as he’ll ever get!

News flash: Rob says he’s willing to make some people mad with his stories, and discloses that he has feelings — just like a real boy!

Drew and Rob recall their brush with the now-defunct “Detroiters” TV show — causing Drew to writhe in agony as Rob discloses that while Drew didn’t make the cut, Rob was included on multiple episodes.

M.L. tries desperately to keep Rob on track as he pursues the story of Rob’s very first confrontation back in Fresno. (A reference to Luke Skywalker on his final bombing run in the first “Star War” movie is used to help move the story forward.)

M.L. reveals another of his epic fails at Local 4, then he and Rob swear that they have learned from their mistakes.

After M.L. and Rob profess their undying love and admiration for each other — ewww! — Rob reminisces on his days as a DJ back in Cali.

Who is Narvel Felts and who sang “60 dollar duck”? You’ll have to listen to learn the answers! 

Rob discusses some of his most bizarre confrontations and muses over how he should have handled being called a variety of slurs.

ROOM 7609: Former DJ Scott Roberts (aka Rob Wolchek) joins M.L., Marc and Drew in Room 7609 to ruminate on one of best, if somewhat obscure, tracks from Madness. Marc ties the story back to The Troubles — and explains how a star’s daughter talked him into appearing in the song. (We’d tell you who, but his name is also the song title, so we don’t want to give the game away that easily!)

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