ML Elrick is MIA, but Eli Zaret is stepping up in his place. With age comes comfort and wisdom. Eli, Shawn and Marc marvel at how different everything is… and that’s not a bad thing.

STRAIGHT DOPE: ML Elrick had left the building to head over to the UK for some soccer action.  Longtime professional broadcaster and friend Eli Zaret joins the show to pick up the heavy lifting.

Catching up on the news: Jury selection in the James Crumbly trial in Oakland County has begun.  Follow Tresa Baldas’ stories in the Free Press to see if he will face the same fate as his wife.  

There was a massive explosion at a factory that rocked Clinton Township last night. It shook houses for miles around. Debris from the disaster took the life of one bystander. 

Eli Zaret zooms in from Florida as Marc recounts his first ever experience with him way back in 1997. 

Eli is coming up on his 74th birthday.  After a long successful career in TV and radio he recollects how much the landscape of media and sports media have changed.  

There are too many podcasts and too many content creators. How does anyone break through and make a living?

Shawn points out how in sports the winners of games are now almost secondary to the stories that surround it.  Most times the stories and the narratives are what drive people to watch the games. The most recent example being Iowa basketball player Caitlin Clark’s scoring record.

GEEK OF THE WEEK: NIL and conference expansion in college football have not ruined the game.  Some people are saying it has made the game better. BUT- now the SEC and Big 10 commissioners are going too far.  What sport allows a playoff bye before even playing a game? 

ROOM 7609: Listener Herman’s last pick was 4 years ago and Shawn approved.  Will he have the same luck with his most recent choice- King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard?

FEEDBACK: Some people want to eat in the nude and others just want Texas Beans.

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