An ex-cop navigates Hollywood in Lowell Cauffiel’s new novel, which ML says reminds him of Elmore Leonard, while Marc and Shawn ask Joe to help them hide a body.

STRAIGHT DOPE: True crime fans who read “Masquerade,” already knew Lowell Cauffiel is one of the greatest reporters and authors to come out of Detroit. He tells a quintessential Detroit-tinged caper story in his new novel, “Below the Line.”

“Below the Line” tells the story of a former Detroit cop who goes to Hollywood to consult on television shows. The work is drying up when a big-time producer asks him to help locate someone for a friend. Against his better judgment, the cop takes the job – and soon finds out he should have trusted his instincts.

ML discusses parallels he sees between Cauffiel’s novel and the great Elmore Leonard, who provided a cover blurb from beyond the grave. Cauffiel tells how that happened.

Marc asks Cauffiel if LA is really as phony as it seems. Listen for his answer and some very wry observations.

ML reads his favorite passage from the book, which he believes nails a universal truth.

Marc and Cauffiel discuss how “House of Secrets” nearly broke Cauffiel. It is a truly horrific true crime story, as ML finds out when he asks what it’s about.

There is a major new development in the case of the Detroit lawyer caught with fentanyl and guns in her SUV. ML provides an update. Here’s a link to ML’s story that got the lawyer fired from the city of Detroit.

The fight to get a press room in Detroit’s city hall is over. For now. ML describes what went down in his latest “On Guard” column for the Detroit Free Press. Read it here. It’s a subscriber-only story, so use this link to get a discount AND a $5 Amazon gift card:

In Memoriam: Former Detroit Express star Trevor Francis has passed.

Marc ends the show with what he thinks will be welcome news to ML: Jim Harbaugh is in trouble. Read all about it here.

GEEK OF THE WEEK: The jerk boss who paid an employee with dirty, oily pennies gets bad news from a judge. Perhaps he will take solace in winning our GOW competition?

ROOM 7609: In our never-ending bid to satisfy Shawn, we finally welcome “The Church” to the New Wave suite, where they perform “Reptile.”

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