While Dan Gilbert tried to buy an English soccer team, Detroit’s hometown team hit new heights … ML and Shawn welcome Sean Mann to discuss DCFC’s latest milestone, while Marc sits on the sideline and Joe vies for Man of the Match.


Regular guy Sean Mann and his Detroit City Futbol Club were here about five years before billionaire Dan Gilbert vowed to build a stadium and bring Major League Soccer to Detroit. About five years after Gilbert announced his plans, there’s still no stadium — and DCFC is bringing Major League Soccer to Detroit. We break it down.

ML asks Sean whether Gilbert’s bid for Chelsea FC — one of the most famous soccer teams in the world — means he’s abandoned his plans to start an MLS franchise in Detroit.

ML gives a history lesson on other magnificent projects that never got beyond the press conference and beautiful renderings stage. 

ML, Shawn and Sean discuss how DCFC ended up in yet another new league — this time just one level below Major League Soccer.

DCFC takes on the Columbus Crew of MLS, the soccer equivalent of the Toledo Mudhens taking on the Cincinnati Reds. Sean explains how it happened — and why it’s the talk of the soccer world!


People who ate Lucky Charms called the feds after getting a tummy ache. What they hell did they expect from a box of sawdust and stale marshmallows?!?

ROOM 7609

Cockney Rebel and “Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)” are good enough to rate a cover by Duran Duran and Erasure, so they’re good enough for the New Wave suite!


If you’re locked up for years then acquitted at trial, do the feds cut you a check? Should they cut you a check? You asked, we answer.


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