Eli Zaret joins ML and Marc to talk about The Big Game until Shawn, like the blimp in “Black Sunday,” hijacks the show to rave (and rant) about the Detroit Lions, while Joe waves his pom-poms.

STRAIGHT DOPE: Eli debates whether it’s too soon to make Mel Tucker jokes … then tries out some Mel Tucker jokes.
A day before Eli hosts the Detroit Sports Media Association’s annual Michigan Wolverines-Michigan State Spartans pre-game luncheon, ML invites him to talk about The Big Game. But Shawn has other plans.Wolverines generally are not ML’s favorite people, but meeting Devin Gardner and Braylon Edwards at past luncheons opened his mind.
Marc suggests that people are people, but ML is still skeptical.
A downcast ML desperately tries to discuss Saturday’s expected Spartan pounding in East Lansing, but Shawn announces no one cares and launches into a paean to the Detroit Lions.
In case you’re too busy to listen to the whole podcast, Shawn thinks the Lions are great. He thinks everyone cares about the Lions. He thinks it’s the greatest sports story in modern history. He thinks the Lions have the power to cure the sick and bring peace to the Middle East. ML begs to differ.
Eli expounds on the marketing majesty that is the NFL and how no other sport dominates the American consciousness like pro football. ML says he doesn’t like pro football. Marc thinks he’s crazy.Marc, Shawn and Eli accuse ML of hating the Lions so much that he refuses to acknowledge their success. ML says he’s at least waiting for them to win a playoff game.
Marc asks a suddenly silent ML for his prediction for Saturday’s MSU-UM game. ML says “rain.”

GEEK OF THE WEEK: Proving that four heads may not be better than one, ML asks the team to help figure out who is the geek in a wretched relationship.

ROOM 7609: For the first time since he invited listeners to suggest New Wave tunes that doubled as movie themes, ML feels some regret as The Papers play their BMX movie anthem “I’m Ready to Fly.”FEEDBACKListeners love Rik Emmett … and Tears for Fears. We welcome all your comments – and constructive criticism – at [email protected]

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