The Lions get jobbed, the Wolverines come up roses and ML acknowledges Jim Harbaugh is the man, while Marc and Shawn talk about what it was like to watch the games at home and in person.

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Reluctantly, ML acknowledges Jim Harbaugh and his Michigan Wolverines are a legit national power one step (sigh) away from their first national championship since 1997 (which was really a co-championship). 
Marc celebrated the Wolverines’ overtime victory over Alabama by cursing in front of his young daughter and hurling her into the air. For his family’s sake, please join ML in cheering for the Washington Huskies next week.
Shawn is sick, but dials in anyway to take you behind the scenes on what it was like to be there in person for some of the sickest football games local teams have played in decades. Read his latest here.
ML trots out his record as QB in late 1990s in the Chicago Sport and Social League’s co-ed touch football league when Shawn questions his football knowledge. Listen and you’ll agree: CASE CLOSED.
Marc asks ML whether the Rose Bowl was a great game. “It,” ML says, “depends…”
Shawn almost has an accident on the highway on his way to cover the Rose Bowl, but is saved by an empty cup. If that doesn’t make sense, just listen and learn … and say “yeech.”
Shawn describes what is was like to be in the same room with Detroit Lions coach after the refs cost his team an amazing victory. Campbell was, to put it mildly, menacing.
ML and Shawn discuss what makes the Rose Bowl such a special place to watch a game while Marc isn’t nearly as impressed.
Shawn says he heard the refs call the wrong number for the eligible receiver in the Lions game, but confesses he didn’t think much of it … until it was too late. Asked to name the best thing he experienced during a momentous weekend with a front row seat for momentous football, Shawn says “dinner.” 

GEEK OF THE WEEK: Jimmy Johnson and the NFL ref who blew the big call in Dallas are finalists, but the Lions win this playoff gbecause after years of breaking fans’ hearts, they’ve moved on to busting their budgets.

ROOM 7609: With a heavy heart, ML enlists Joe Jackson’s help to acknowledge that Jim Harbaugh can finally rightly claim “I’m the Man.” This year we invite you to send your favorite B-sides or unheralded gems outside the realm of New Wave, but please be sure to send us a story about why you like that song or something interesting about the band.

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