ML Elrick (@elrick), Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) and Shawn Windsor (@ShawnWindsor) are in the basement. 

THE STRAIGHT DOPE: Our friendly rivals start with something most decent human beings would never consider: Thanking a Pitino. And why not? Rotten Rick Jr.’s Minnesota Golden Gophers knocked off the Purdue Boilermakers to turn what was looking like a mere season-ending rivalry game in East Lansing into a battle royale for the Big Ten Regular Season basketball championship. M.L. is only slightly bummed, because while he just bought a house in East Lansing, he hasn’t had time to buy a couch to burn.

Our panel of experts weigh in with predictions on the outcome of Saturday night’s marquee matchup between the Spartans and Wolverines. Spartans will be glad to hear Shawn picks the Wolverines again while Marc hopes for the best and prepares for the worst and M.L. makes an uncharacteristically bold (yeah, right) attempt at divining the final score.   

M.L. makes his bid for Soft Magazine “Man of the Year” and redefines the meaning of “Hammer Time” by confessing that right after the MSU-U-M football game he spend days driving and crying – but all for a good cause. 

St. Patrick’s Day is more than a week away, but M.L. will be on duty Sunday as the most unlikely host of the Corktown parade’s “Family Fun Zone.” Find out how to join him and learn more about the rest of the festivities at

M.L. and Marc hail the return of WLLZ, starring everyone’s favorite newshawk Trudi Daniels! The discussion includes reflections on Billy Squire, Marc’s shock at M.L.’s hostility toward Pearl Jam and indifference toward (gasp!) Led Zeppelin and the boys muse on when exactly did they turn into old men.

Which brings us to what happens next to old men: Dying. Which brings us to the time M.L. called Ernie Harwell for comment after the death of the guy who fired Ernie back in 1990. Which brings us to a discussion of M.L.’s time writing posthumous profiles as the obit writer at the Detroit Free Press.

THE GREAT DEBATE: Devin Bush’s tweet that his time in the 40-yard dash at the NFL combine qualifies him as a Michigan legend triggers a tirade by M.L. about players who skip bowl games. Marc and Shawn openly and cruelly mock him while the gang speculates on just how Bush REALLY got hurt – the clothesline at Spartan Stadium, tearing up the turf or some other calamity?

GEEK OF THE WEEK: Kim Jong-un. Sure, he was great in “Team America: World Police.” And POTUS sure seems to think he’s swell. But the “Soul of Detroit” crew still holds him responsible for the death of Otto Warmbier. 

 ROOM 7609: Remember Camouflage, the English-sounding German band? Don’t feel bad, no one else does, either. That’s why M.L. chose to highlight their track “The Great Commandment” as this week’s underappreciated NuWave gem.

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ML and “The Hammer”
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