Free Press Investigations Editor Jim Schaefer (@DetroitReporter) reunites with his former parter M.L. Elrick (@elrick) to tell some stories you’ve never heard about the work that went into their 2009 Pulitzer Prize-winning reporting. Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) peppers the pair with questions before Shawn Windsor (@ShawnWindsor) dials in for The Great Debate. Reaction to a sexy selfie earns some school officials Geek of the Week honors. And M.L. books another NuWave band with a sexy lead singer for a stay in Room 7609.

THE STRAIGHT DOPE: The boys start the show with a trip in the way-back machine by cueing up Amy Lange’s 2009 report from the Detroit Free Press newsroom on the day M.L. and Jim won the Pulitzer Prize for their investigation into Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

To mark the 10th anniversary of their Pulitzer Prize – has it really been that long?!? – M.L. and Jim share some behind-the-scenes stories of the night before they published a story revealing that Hizzoner and his chief of staff/lover Christine Beatty lied under oath in a whistleblower trial.

Marc puts M.L. on the spot, asking him why he left WDIV/Loco 4 to return to the Free Press – just in time to get in on the text message story.

Jim interrupts a rare tender moment to complain that M.L. failed to provide the Stroh longnecks he had promised if Jim came on the show.

Continuing his insensitive streak, Jim harshes on the Red Shovel Network green room. M.L. counters with the bad news that it wasn’t bacon Jim found wrapped around the oysters he noshed on.

M.L. and Jim – in unison – reveal the greatest headline in Detroit Free Press history (which, at 187 years, is a pretty long history).

For guys who don’t like to talk about their accomplishments, M.L. and Jim sure have a lot of Pulitzer-related stories – including what happened when they visited the New York Times days before the 2009 Pulitzer Prize winners were announced. M.L. then shares notes for a bitter essay he never ended up having to write.

Marc’s query about when the boys learned they had won the Pulitzer unearths an ironic story about the failure of their attempt to use text messages to learn whether their exposes involving text messages had won the Pulitzer. 

Recollections of the tensions in the hours leading up to the announcement of the Pulitzer Prizes prompts Jim to disclose his radical plan for how to deal with disappointment while M.L. explains what he planned to drink, depending on the news out of New York (where the Pulitzers are based). 

Marc asks the boys whether they knew they were primed for a Pulitzer when they first got Beatty and Hizzoner’s texts. Their answer might surprise you. Or it might not. Just listen for yourself!

Marc wonders whether sex played a role in the boys’ winning the Pulitzer Prize. Then Jim explains why he wasn’t surprised that Hizzoner lied under oath about his affair with Beatty.

Jim reveals when M.L. first tried to get text messages. (Hint: It’s a lot sooner than you might think.) Then M.L. sets the record straight, disclosing that the boys didn’t have the text messages until AFTER the whistle-blower trial at which Hizzoner and Beatty lied under oath.

After extolling the virtues of the Free Press photo staff, M.L. admonishes readers who do not subscribe to or pay for the paper. He says it’s like voting: if you don’t vote, you can’t complain. If you don’t pay for the news, you can’t complain that they’re not doing everything you want them to do.

Jim provides a sneak preview of the Free Press’ next big investigation – and it’s a doozy!

Marc asks the boys if they ever fell out during the many years they worked together to investigate Kilpatrick. To hear their answer – and a story about the story that could have destroyed them but instead forged a strong bond – you’ll have to listen for yourself.

What does the Scientific Method have to do with reporting? Again, listen and learn!

Jim then makes an M.L.-inspired shameless plug for folks to follow him on Twitter. His handle is @DetroitReporter. Show him some love!

THE GREAT DEBATE: With the State of Michigan poised to be the best state in the nation when it comes to college basketball, M.L., Marc and Shawn debate whether Michigan Wolverines Charles Matthews, Jordan Poole and Ignas “Iggy” Brazdeikis should be allowed to screw it all up by going pro. (Spoiler alert: Shawn and Marc disagree with M.L.)

GEEK OF THE WEEK: Middle school kids love tater tots. But some taters that school officials didn’t want tots to see cost a teacher her job. Marc and M.L. explain why that’s wrong.

ROOM 7609: Two weeks after M.L. single-handedly tries to revive the career of NuWave sensation Transvision Vamp, he’s at it again with the The Darling Buds – a selection inspired by seeing the buds sprouting around his palatial East English Village estate. “It Makes No Difference” not only features dirty guitar and guttural choral flourishes, it provides a rare opportunity to feature a Welsh band. Listen and find out where the Darling Buds got their name – and what’s so darling about them!

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