Riverview rocker Derek St. Holmes, Ted Nugent’s lead singer, dials in to discuss his rock ‘n roll career with ML and Marc while Shawn recovers from his rock n’ roll lifestyle and Joe dials it up to 11.

STRAIGHT DOPE: Ted Nugent has plenty to say, but he left the singing to Derek St. Holmes, who grew up in Riverview.
Derek will be at the Cadieux Café Thursday for Rodriguez’s birthday and at the Token Lounge in Westland on Friday. The Thursday show is SOLD OUT, but here’s how to get tickets for the Token Lounge show Friday.
Derek thinks politics have kept him and Terrible Ted out of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and ruined his legacy. ML and Marc ask him how much he and Ted discussed politics when they were on the road performing “Cat Scratch Fever.”
From The Motor City Madman to the Cars, Derek has collaborated with a lot of different artists. He discusses the super group he put together with Benjamin Orr of the Cars, one of Shawn’s favorite New Wave groups.
ML and Marc ask Derek what it’s like to be the lead singer in a band where everyone knows the guitar player.
ML later shares the story of the man who sang “Have A Cigar” for Pink Floyd (what, you thought it was Roger Waters?)Keep up with Derek on Facebook. Here’s a link to his page

GEEK OF THE WEEK: MSU and Ticketmaster team up to gouge Spartan season ticket holders by tacking a massing surcharge on when they are forced to buy tickets to a game they already had bought tickets to. And that’s only ONE of the reasons they’re our GOW. 

ROOM 7609: Listener Michael says Bruce Thomas deserves a spot in the pantheon of New Wave bass players alongside John Taylor of Duran Duran and Andy Rourke of The Smiths, and makes his case by suggesting Elvis Costello’s “Shabby Doll.”

FEEDBACK: Entertaining banter and concerns about ML’s Carmack column fill this week’s mail bag. Here’s where to read ML’s column.

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