M.L. Elrick left a (somewhat) steady job at the Free Press to run for Detroit’s City Council. It was an act of faith, and courage. Today, he finds out if the people thought he was up to the job. Which means he had no time for his podcast!

Oneita Jackson, who also used to work at the Freep, and who is also running for the Council as a write-in candidate, jumped into M.L’s seat while he was out campaigning. She and Shawn Windsor try their best to hold down the fort.


Oneita has spent her post newspaper career as an author — she’s written two books — and a drove a cab for a while, which she included in her first book, “Nappy-headed Negro Syndrome.”

She and Shawn discuss her campaign, her books, assumptions based on looks, manners, talking to those that look different from you, and remembering that in the end most of us just want to say hi, smile, and keep moving. 

Also, we check in with M.L. on his final day of the campaign as he eats pizza, shakes a few more hands, and does his best to stay calm as the voting takes place. 

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M.L. said it was our show for the week. So no geek of the week. 

ROOM 7609

In honor of Mr. Elrick, we stay in England, and select Depeche Mode’s “Policy of Truth,” which is really in honor of Oneita, who passes along truth like few others.  

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