Back when liberals were conspiracy theorists, Peter Werbe ruled the airwaves. ML and Marc ask him what he thinks about a world in which it’s the RIGHT that is storming the Capitol. He also plugs his new book, SUMMER ON FIRE, A DETROIT NOVEL, while Shawn zooms in and Joe makes plans to visit a local independent book store to buy his own copy of SUMMER ON FIRE, A DETROIT NOVEL.

  • THE STRAIGHT DOPE: For 46 years, Peter Werbe, author of SUMMER ON FIRE, A DETROIT NOVEL, hosted the longest-running talk show in radio history, which is just one reason ML was always super tired for high school every Monday. Peter reflects on how much the world has changed, because back then all the conspiracy theorists were LIBERALS!!! 
  • Marc and ML ask Peter, who wrote SUMMER ON FIRE, A DETROIT NOVEL, to opine on the effort to silence Joe Rogan, who caught some flak over a guest who expressed some questionable views on COVID.
  • Peter wrote SUMMER ON FIRE, A DETROIT NOVEL. The crew discusses his work of fiction, while repeating its title several dozen times.
  • SUMMER ON FIRE, A DETROIT NOVEL is available at
  • GEEK OF THE WEEK: A Tennessee school board that tried to suppress a Pulitzer Prize-winning book instead turns it into a best seller. (FWIW: The book was not SUMMER ON FIRE, A DETROIT NOVEL) 
  • ROOM 7609: Pulp checks into Room 7609 with “Common People,” prompting two questions: Do they even belong in the New Wave suite, and have they ever read SUMMER ON FIRE, A DETROIT NOVEL?!?
  • FEEDBACK: Hoo boy, do you have a lot to say! We get to it all.
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