• M.L. Elrick (Twitter @elrick/Facebook ML ELRICK/Instagram ml_elrick), Shawn Windsor (Twitter @ShawnWindsor) and Marc Fellhauer (Twitter @MarcFell) and Joe convene in the sterile confines of Red Shovel HQ to infect the minds of dozens — maybe even hundreds — of listeners!
  • THE STRAIGHT DOPE:  ML is concerned about how political party membership seems to influence how people view threats to the public. Then troublemaker Marc asks whether the media is to blame for Corona-virus mania. The Ivy League cancelled its basketball tournament. They’re the smart folks, right? Marc, Shawn and ML discuss whether they’re showing that they have big brains — or small balls.
  • Has the Corona virus taken us to the point where the public is finally tuning out the President? Marc says yes. Shawn says no. ML says the base has not lost its faith.
  • ML posits that the effort to dismiss concerns about the Corona virus along political party lines may get short-circuited because of which politicians are self-quarantining themselves.
  • Marc wonders whether the media are inflaming fears for business reasons. ML and Shawn — card-carrying media members — say no. Listen for yourself and decide who’s right. Or left. (Boy, it gets confusing when politics gets mixed in, doesn’t it?)
  • Marc reveals some personal details about the person who cuts his hair, inadvertently providing insights into why his rug looks the way it does.
  • ML — the great unifier — wonders whether the nation’s proclivity for viewing things based on their position on the political spectrum will be cured by the Corona virus. (Hey, a guy can hope, can’t he?)
  • Shawn — unsolicited — speaks out in favor of dutch oven-ing. (ML and Shawn hope his wife is not listening — even though we could use the download…and, no, that’s not a euphemism for Shawn’s unorthodox style of courtin’.)
  • ML desperately tries to turn the conversation to the podcast’s FIRST EVER live broadcast, which will run from about noon to about 2 p.m. on St. Patrick’s Day (3/17) at the Cadieux Cafe on ML’s beloved East Side. Even though Shawn and Marc STILL want to talk about the Corona virus, George Carlin, washing your hands, POTUS and a bunch of other VERY DISTRACTING TOPICS, ML perseveres and hopes you’ll come join us and some special guests, including his friend and former colleague Devin Scillian. (But first there is a long discussion of the state of men’s rooms. Seriously – and sorry in advance.) Then they discuss why ML’s friend and former colleague Huel Perkins can’t join the fun.
  • ABOUT THAT LIVE BROADCAST … After we’re done yakkin’, we’ll be hanging out, selling hockey jerseys, t-shirts, stickers, signed Kwame Sutras and pressing the flesh with anyone who doesn’t seem to be infected. The Cadieux Cafe will have live music throughout the afternoon and evening and is located at 4300 Cadieux Road. For more information, visit http://www.cadieuxcafe.com. There’s free parking, great food and even better beer.
  • THE GREAT DEBATE: Shawn is planning to cover the Big 10 Men’s Basketball Tournament and March Madness. Unless they cancel the games. The boys share their varied views on what the honchos should do. (Spoiler alert: ML agrees with King James.)
  • GEEK OF THE WEEK: Bill Clinton provides his most outrageous — and perhaps most accurate — explanation of why he hooked up with an intern in the Oval Office. In this case, the truth doesn’t set him free; it makes him our Geek of the Week. 
  • ROOM 7609: A calendar-conscious listener saw Friday the 13th on her calendar and was inspired to nominate a NuWave band whose music played during the credits of a slasher flick. This sends ML down a musical wormhole, where he exhumes another track by the same band that is SO GOOD even Jason would be moved to put down his cleaver and shake his groove thang.
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