Some of Detroit’s greatest (s)hits made news while ML was in Scotland, so Marc helps him catch up on a derelict judge, a crooked councilman, and everyone’s favorite former mayor as Shawn gets his beauty rest and Joe tends to his Zen garden.

STRAIGHT DOPE : A charismatic conservative with crazy hair dominated the news during ML’s vacation, but it wasn’t the guy you’re thinking of. Read all about it here in his latest “On Guard” column.
ML spent Sunday evening with Donald Trump and about 3,000 of his closest friends. Listen and learn what it was like to be in the presence of POTUS.
Marc and ML discuss the latest news involving three of Detroit’s most despicable public servants: A slacker judge, a corrupt councilman and Kwame Kilpatrick, who got caught on camera taking his family to the Catalina Wine Mixer.
The show gets serious for a moment to acknowledge the passing of Kevin Dietz’s wife Missy and Darren Nichols’ mother Sylvia before the conversation turns to the ailing Malik Shabazz, who starred as a Kilpatrick-like character in a movie called “Scandal in the City.” Watch the superlative trailer here.

GEEK OF THE WEEK: Hunter Biden has a lot to apologize for, but it was a name-dropping 2017 nepo-baby tweet that makes him this week’s geek.

ROOM 7609: The answer to “What do Rick Astley, Blossom and The Smiths have in common?” is usually “Nothing. Nothing at all.”
Until Rick and the boys covered “There is a Light That Never Goes Out” at Glastonbury.

FEEDBACK: Baker College in the crosshairs and how ML’s vacation may have been a matter of addition by subtraction dominate this week’s feedback.

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