“Justified City Primeval” executive producer Peter Leonard tells ML, Marc and Shawn what it was like to bring Rayland Givens to Detroit, while Joe puts out a BOLO for Boyd Crowder.

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Some people think of him as Elmore Leonard’s son, but ML likes to think of Dutch as Peter Leonard’s father. The former super successful ad man tells ML, Marc and Shawn why he decided to give up the advertising business to become a novelist.
Dutch didn’t use metaphors – until Peter asked him to critique his first foray into fiction. Listen and learn what the master told his son. (Spoiler alert: Like his characters, he didn’t pull any punches!)
Peter tells the story of how a U.S. Marshall in Detroit who once guarded Kwame Kilpatrick inspired his protagonist in “Sweet Dreams,” which just came out in paperback. Check out his website for more on his books.
Megan the marshall was one of the crew that escorted Kilpatrick to court during his public corruption trial. Find out what she told Peter when he asked if Hizzoner ever hit on her. 
During the Kilpatrick trial, ML made the mistake of jumping in a fed’s unmarked vehicle in front of the courthouse and almost got shot. Hear all about it on the podcast.
Timothy Olyphant brought Rayland Givens back to Detroit in the reboot of “Justified,” which is called “Justified City Primeval.” Peter talks about his own Rayland Givens novel and what it was like to work as an executive producer on the series.The SOD gang are big fans of Walton Goggins and his Boyd Crowder character from the original “Justified.” Peter leads a discussion about the new villain, while ML marvels at how he’s seen three episodes and Rayland hasn’t shot anyone yet!

GEEK OF THE WEEK: The Michigan Supreme Court justices who let a lying judge off the hook make a strong bid for GOW honors, but ML changes his mind and unloads on creeps who collect murder memorabilia – folks like Trent Reznor.
You can still get ML’s thoughts on the supreme injustice by checking out his ML’s latest column here.

ROOM 7609: Shawn says his research indicates that The Primitives are a New Wave band. So ML books them into the New Wave suite to perform “Sick of It” and gives The Primitives a definitive dismissal.

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