Marc is back just in time for Shawn to hijack the show before ML can dive into his latest column about Michigan’s role in a plot to hijack democracy, while Joe waits for a ride from the airport.

STRAIGHT DOPE: ML was looking forward to discussing his latest “On Guard” column, about the role Michigan Republican electors played in Donald Trump’s bid to retain the presidency, when Shawn staged his own coup.

Before Shawn takes over, ML manages to mention his recent trip to see Pat Benatar and the Beach Boys, prompting Marc to suggest a name change for Mrs. Neil Giraldo.

If you booked an early morning flight to attend last weekend’s party at Shawn’s house, you probably don’t want to listen to the first half of the show, because he is TORCHING you!  Is it bad etiquette to plan a visit to a friend or relative that has an inconvenient arrival time and then expect the to come pick up you? A furious debate about the burden of hospitality ensues.

Shawn, whose palatial estate, like William Randolph Heart’s, contains a pergola, downplays the quality of his accommodations while boasting of the gourmet breakfast spread he laid out. Even listeners watching the live feed have questions.

Despite ML’s protestations, Marc and Shawn drag him into the controversial conversation over money and college sports, touching on the diminished role of the NCAA and what’s really driving conference consolidation.

Marc and Shawn again square off with ML over who is supposed to benefit from all the money pouring into college sports. What do YOU think?

ML offers some insights on possible problems with Michigan Atttorney General Dana Nessel’s bid to convict 16 Michigan GOP electors with conspiracy and fraud. Here’s a link to his column on the fake electors case.

GEEK OF THE WEEK: The Spartans aren’t expected to win many trophies on the gridiron this season, but they start out the season as winners of our GOW award for claiming that selling beer at Spartan Stadium is all about enhancing the “fan experience.”

ROOM 7609: Our BritPop summer series continues with Elastica and their first single “Stutter.”

ML invites you to nominate your favorite Suede single or any other BritPop artist you’d like to hear.

ML wants you to nominate your favorite New Wave tune used as a movie theme song.

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